High-Tech Orthodontics Brings Smiles To More Faces

High-Tech Orthodontics Brings Smiles To More Faces

From 3D modeling to high-resolution imagery of the entire jaw, skull, and underlying tooth structures, the technology in today’s orthodontist offices feels more like science fiction these days. The results, however, are as real as they come.

Today’s computerized orthodontia features state-of-the-art imaging scanners, the latest in 3D printers, and customized smile design. While impressive and effective, it is simply another tool for skilled orthodontists to address and correct oral health issues for all ages of patients.

“It certainly is an exciting time for orthodontics,” says Dr. Bill Crutchfield. “I’m glad to see us move away from unnecessary extractions and the one-size-fits-all wires and brackets system. Every smile and patient present a unique challenge, and they should receive a customized treatment plan that reflects their particular needs.”

Orthodontists now have a wider variety of tools and methods to treat a variety of conditions, and in-office cone beam CT scanners provide much more information than conventional x-rays, reducing the need for multiple visits and consultations.

“Being able to manipulate high-definition imagery and play through a variety of scenarios is one of the biggest advancements in the industry,” states Dr. Crutchfield. “We can account for changes and make adjustments to treatment plans before we even get started. The patient experience is better, the results are better, and the length of treatment time is shorter. There are very few downsides.”

In fact, high-tech orthodontia isn’t just bringing more smiles to patients. “Technology is letting us help more patients and do more with our skills and experience, and that’s a very good thing,” adds Dr. Crutchfield. “I know my staff and I are smiling more, too.”