Proper Care at the Proper Time, Explained.

Proper Care at the Proper Time, Explained.

If you are familiar with our practice, you know we preach “proper care at the proper time,” but what does this mean exactly?

For our youngest patients, it means patience.
“While there are a handful of exceptions, most alignment issues benefit from more time,” says Dr. Crutchfield. “Applying braces at this stage won’t guarantee a perfect smile later on nor will it prevent braces from being needed in the teenage years.”

Dr. Crutchfield created the “Hanging Loose Club” at his Chantilly orthodontics practice specifically for the patients who may or may not require braces at a later time. He offers free evaluations for kids as young as seven and eight to help families determine their options and choices.

For our pre-teen and teenage patients, it means coordinated care.
The adolescent years are marked by huge growth and change opportunities, which means it is an ideal time for orthodontics if they are necessary. “Braces may seem like they are synonymous with the teenage years, but they aren’t always needed or necessary,” adds Crutchfield. “We evaluate and determine the best course of action given each patient’s situation.”

Since our office features some of the latest high-tech orthodontics on the market, we also have several orthodontics options for our teenagers that are easy on growing mouths, parent schedules, and family budgets. After all, the fewer appointments mom has to worry about, the better for the whole family.

For our adult patients, it means flexibility and lasting results.
Today’s adult orthodontic options, which include Invisalign, Suresmile, and Damon Clear Braces, improved results while reducing treatment time and unnecessary office visits. We use state-of-the-art imaging software design the best possible course of action for your orthodontic care. No surprises. No hidden fees. No crazy scheduling. The result is a better orthodontic experience and result for you.

“Braces have come a long way since straight wires and brackets, and it’s easier than ever for adults to get the smile, bite relief, and airway clarity they’ve always wanted,” said Dr. Crutchfield. “We have efficient ways to maximize your unique facial profile and tooth position to create a smile that is as natural and authentic as you are.”

At Orthodontics by Crutchfield, we encourage scheduling a free evaluation or getting a second opinion, particularly for young children. We’ll make sure you have the right information you need to make an informed decision, and we’ll be here for you when you’re ready to make it.