Why Do Different Braces Cost Different Amounts?

Here you are, planning for your child to get braces and there is so much information that it can easily be overwhelming to choose which braces will be the best for your child while also avoiding breaking the bank.

You know you have to think about costs more sooner than later, but a big question needs to be answered – why do different types of braces cost different amounts? You’re asking friends what they paid, and the same exact braces can even cost different amounts between offices!

Here’s why costs are different.

In a nutshell, costs differ between products and practitioners because of things like:

  • Materials and supplies;
  • Salaries;
  • Office, equipment, and facility costs; and
  • Business profits.

Breaking it down – here are the variables that impact the cost of braces.

Materials and supplies – Think brackets, wires, rubber bands, retainers, and specialty products like Invisalign. But also, don’t forget things like sterilization products, masks, gloves, and even the costs of making models and retainers at the lab. Plus there’s diagnostic equipment, X-rays (3D like we have at OBC), and more.​

Equipment – OBC has invested in creating a welcoming, hi-tech environment bringing the latest of orthodontic technology to you. We believe this makes our patients more comfortable while also keeping their orthodontic experience as efficient as possible. While the technology does cost a little more, patients are always remarking on how pleased they are with their faster results.

Salaries – The more experienced the staff, the higher the payroll. A larger, more established office will carry a much larger payroll than a newer or smaller office – and the larger payroll will be seen in the cost of the braces. At OBC all of our technicians are certified so that we are providing the best care at the right time from the right people.
Office and facility costs – Here, “location, location, location” does play a role! An office in an urban or city setting will add to the costs, compared to an office in a smaller town. Also, a plain office and waiting room will cost less to maintain than a larger one or one designed for comfort – with TVs, games for kids, or drink stations.

Business profits – All business needs to make a profit, or they will eventually go under. Successful businesses will often take portions of their profit and put it back into the business or save for future improvements. But they have to charge the customer in the first place before they can do that, so even though you can’t see it, like you can with materials and the office setting, profit does show up in the costs.

But don’t worry! We’re here to guide you on the best braces for your child, and how to best manage the costs associated with which type you choose. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office. We are excited to help you make a splash with your new smile.