5 Fun Facts About Smiling

Did you know that babies are born with the ability to smile and that children smile about 400 times a day, but adults average only 20? It probably has something to do with all those bills that need to be paid.

The History of Smiling
Have you ever noticed that people look super serious in old photos? The theory behind this is that old photos needed a longer exposure time to take, and people grew tired of smiling while they waited. Another belief is that due to poor diets and inadequate dental care, teeth were not smile-ready. Culture also played a big part – in the 1700’s it was seen as a sign of excess frivolity and an unnecessary display of emotion to smile for no real reason. Thank goodness we’ve changed the way we see smiles!

Fun Fact #1: Smiling is Universal
Anyone, anywhere, will see you smile and know that you are happy about something. As the most recognized facial expression, it spans across cultures – no interpreter needed!

Fun Fact #2: Smiles are Unique
No two sets of teeth are the same, which makes YOUR smile as unique as your fingerprints.

Fun Fact #3: Smiling Uses Fewer Muscles Than Frowning
Turn that frown upside down; smiling uses 13 muscles while frowning uses about 43. That means less wrinkles!

Fun Fact #4: There are 19 Different Types of Smiles
In 1924, a student at the University of Minnesota by the name of Carney Landis experimented on his friends, teachers, and patients. He photographed them taking part in various pranks and activities and recorded 19 different types of smiles. Only 6 of these 19 are happy smiles!

Fun Fact #5: Smiling Can Make You Happier
Plastering on a smile when you’re sad can actually make you feel better – this action in a stressful or painful situation tricks your brain, and studies have shown a faster recovery time.

And remember – a smile is something that you cannot just give away – it always comes back to you!

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