Braces are for Everyone!

Your teeth and smile are at the forefront of greeting and meeting people and they are often one of the first things people notice about you. They play a role when you go for a job interview, on a date, to a social gathering, or when you speak in class or public.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to get orthodontia when they are children and many adults are embarrassed by their smiles – which has a negative impact on their self esteem, and potentially, their mental health.

Do any of the following describe you? Do you:

  • Smile with your mouth closed or hesitate to laugh
  • Cover your mouth when you smile
  • Dislike having your picture taken because you have crooked teeth
  • Hesitate to go out to eat because you have difficulty chewing with your mouth closed

These are a few of the reasons people visit us for braces.

Clear Aligners

The technology available today to both adolescents and adults makes braces even more accessible and user-friendly. Clear aligners, like the popular Invisalign, make straightening your teeth a more “private improvement”. But that being said, if you want faster results, you can’t beat our Damon Brackets to get a faster jump start. You can always finish your treatment with clear aligners if you don’t like the appearance of the brackets. It all depends on your personal preferences, the anatomy of your unique mouth, and fitting orthodontia into your every day life.

Braces Boost Confidence

Having straight teeth and correcting misalignment issues with your jaw can boost your confidence. As you already know, braces do not instantly straighten your teeth, they are a process, but it doesn’t necessarily have to take years to see a significant improvement.

Besides the boost in self-confidence, Dr. Crutchfield believes that people who have made the investment in their smile continue to practice good dental hygiene. Often, someone who is unhappy with their teeth may neglect dental care until it is absolutely necessary.

It’s never too late…

The American Association of Orthodontists states that “one in four orthodontic patients is an adult.” While we may put a limitation in our minds on when the right time is for braces, it’s never written in stone and we love seeing our patient’s parents for care too!

Orthodontic treatment leads to good dental hygiene and a beautiful smile leads to confidence and well-being.