Fighting Plaque in Braces

Fighting Plaque in Braces

Fighting Plaque in Braces

Today we have access to an impressive array of technological and dental advancements. There are few oral health issues that cannot be effectively corrected with early, appropriate treatment.

Prevention is Key

Unchecked dental diseases can cause a LOT of damage. Prevention remains the most effective method for preserving your smile. Good oral hygiene at home is the foundation of excellent dental health, but without regular professional care and maintenance, brushing and flossing could fall short of protecting you from dental diseases.

Patients who wear braces to correct malocclusion are especially at risk for dental issues, which stem from plaque that can hide between braces. Taking extra care of your oral hygiene while wearing braces is a vital part of successful orthodontic treatment.

Put Up a Fight

Tooth decay and gum disease can be quite destructive in their severe stages, but they begin as minor bacterial infections resulting from excessive plaque buildup. Brushing and flossing usually helps control plaque and bacteria buildup, but spots that hide behind and around the components of braces can be difficult to remove.

We Can Help

Dr. Crutchfield can quickly spot early signs of tooth decay and gum disease. Early detection and diagnosis allow for fast, preemptive treatment to prevent the damage that progressing dental diseases can cause. Don’t forget, you still need routine, professional cleanings while your braces are on. It’s super important to let a professional dentist help you reach the spots your toothbrush can’t easily clean.

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