Getting Aligners as an Adult

Hello! Welcome to my “Elder Millennial Aligner Journey”.

I’m now a proud Texan, but for the last 13 years, I lived in Northern Virginia. When my step daughter Meghan needed to get braces, I took her to be treated by Dr. Crutchfield. She and I both have pretty strong dental anxiety and the OBC vibe was just what we both needed. She’s now done with her treatment and I’m very pleased to say, her results are fantastic.

But this isn’t about her… It’s about me.

At a recent dental check up in Texas, the dentist commented that I should think about fixing my crowded bottom teeth. He offered me a few options, but as someone with very bad dental anxiety, I knew if I was going to be getting any treatment, it was going to be from someone I knew and trusted.

Trips to NoVA

While my husband and I really love living in Texas, family and business bring us back quarterly. Before our last trip up, I decided to call the OBC office and got Tim on the phone. I asked if Dr. Crutchfield might be willing to treat me even though I’d only be able to come in quarterly. Tim told me about Dental Monitoring (more on that later) and got me in for my initial consultation.

The Consultation

At my consultation, I was greeted by the team. Entering this office is always like a mini vacation. Literally, the smell of suntan lotion, the warmth in the office of the people, and the surfboards give a beach lover like me a sense of ease.

After examining my bite, Dr. Crutchfield stated that he thought I’d be a good candidate for OBC Clear. I was taken into the back where I had 3D x rays taken as well as the iTero scanner passed along the entirety of my mouth.

It was easy and quick. None of that pink bubblegum tray gunk for impressions where you feel like your teeth are getting yoinked from your head.

At each step of the way, someone was there to explain what was happening and what would happen next.

Once they collected my records, I was on my way.

Stay tuned for my next blog, where I talk about getting fitted for my aligners.