My Go-To Products for My Aligner Journey

Ever since beginning my aligner journey, I’ve been trying out some new products left and right. Some have been at the recommendation of Dr. Crutchfield, while others I’ve found through searches and strolling through the pharmacy store aisles. Now, I’ve got my own arsenal of tools for everything from freshening up my mouth to cleaning my aligners themselves.

If you’re also looking for some things to help ease your own process with aligners, here are some of my go-to products that I think you’ll enjoy!


Before aligners, flossing was no big deal. But now that my teeth are a little more sensitive, I’ve definitely had to dial back the pressure, which is where the Waterpik comes in. This device is convenient and cleans between those hard to reach areas between your teeth. And, controlling the pressure is helpful on those days when my gums are a little more tender.

Sensodyne toothpaste

Another product that’s been great for tooth sensitivity is Sensodyne. I’ve desperately needed a toothpaste that not only cleans my teeth well, but also adds protection, and this has been perfect for both. Plus, if you get the whitening kind, that’s an added bonus! Who says you can’t straighten and whiten your teeth all at the same time? This toothpaste and the aligners are using their combined powers to get me there.


If you’re anything like me and can’t get through the day without your coffee fix, then Efferdent is about to become your best friend. I use two to clean the aligners at lunch, after drinking coffee with the aligners in. Technically drinking coffee with them in is a big no-no. Trust me, I know. Still, the Efferdent truly comes in handy and all you really need to do is soak them for a bit. Then voilà! They’re clean and as good as new.


Chewing gum is unfortunately something I can no longer enjoy. With my sensitive teeth and the fact that I can’t chew it with aligners in, I’ve had to find alternatives. MoveMints are a breath freshener and they help to fight dry mouth. They were formulated by an orthodontist who gets it! And they’re sugar-free, making them a guilt-free treat for everyone. Plus, they’ve got this special shape that helps you with pushing the aligners further onto your teeth. But beware, they’re as strong as Altoids.


Vaseline isn’t just for chapped lips! (Though that has been such a help when dry mouth rears its ugly head.) This product is helpful for when I’m taking the dental monitoring scans, as well. And thankfully, a small tub can go such a long way. As a skin protectant, it’s been super helpful in making sure that my lips are protected from cracking or splitting.

I’m always on the search for other ways I can ease this process and share them with anyone else who’s like me, a Millennial just trying to achieve that perfect smile. Be sure to check out my other blog posts for more helpful tips and tricks about the aligner journey, and stay tuned for more!

And if you’re located near the Chantilly, VA area, check out Orthodontics by Crutchfield for your own aligner journey.