How Does Cold Laser Therapy Work?

Inflammation is normal when braces are initially put on, and unfortunately, most people feel a bit of discomfort as a result. At OBC, we want you to be as comfortable as possible, that’s why we offer cold laser therapy as part of your treatment process.

How Does Cold Laser Therapy Work?

Let’s get scientific! Despite its emergence in the market nearly 40, yes forty, years ago – cold lasers aren’t broadly known by most consumers if they haven’t faced the need for pain treatment. Only recently has it become more widely accessible that orthodontists, like Dr. Crutchfield, have invested in bringing them into their practice to create an even more enjoyable patient experience.

But let’s break down how it really works.

Cold lasers are “low energy” photon beams that penetrate the skin and soft tissue with the goal of reducing pain and promoting healing. Cold laser treatment has been proven to release endorphins and improve the quality of life for patients. It is safe, painless, and drug free. And surprisingly… not actually “cold” – that’s just the term used to identify the low energy.

When you receive cold laser therapy at OBC, you’ll sit in the treatment chair while one of our technicians applies a small device to your face and gums for approximately 3-5 minutes. During this time, the light beam from the device will stimulate the mitochondria in your cells to produce ATP, the principal molecule responsible for storing and transferring energy in cells. 

In short, that little beam of painless light is working at a cellular level to heal and soothe your mouth so you can get in and out of OBC with something to smile about!

Some of the questions parents have have are:

  1. Will it hurt?
    • No! In fact, the most sensation you may feel is a slight warmth in the treatment area. Most patients don’t notice anything except the contact with the wand… and the relief after treatment.
  2. Are there side effects?
    • There are no known side effects to receiving treatment. In fact, as we mentioned above, cold lasers have been used since 1967 to treat pain.
  3. Is cold laser therapy like radiation from x-rays?
    • No, it definitely is not. Radiation penetrates through bones, tissues and organs and when it passes through the body, some of it gets absorbed. The amount that is absorbed by the body contributes to the patient’s radiation dose, which is why medical practitioners are careful to ensure you aren’t receiving too much. Cold laser therapy has no restrictions because it doesn’t work the same way.

Curious about how cold laser therapy may help you in your treatment? Make sure you talk with our front desk or with Dr. Crutchfield at your appointment if you have questions.