Mysterious Headaches?

Could those headaches be coming from… your teeth?

Chronic head pain is annoying. What’s even more annoying is not being able to find out the root cause of it. If you get headaches often, you may want to check and see if those pearly whites of yours are where they need to be. Yes, crooked teeth can cause chronic headaches. Let’s find out how.

What’s Malocclusion got to do with it?

Having crooked teeth (a.k.a. – malocclusion) makes the jaw align incorrectly. What happens then is that there is an uneven bite force, putting more stress on the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. This joint is what connects the jawbone to the skull. Over time, if the malocclusion is left untreated, these muscles can get tired and become sore… that soreness in the jawbone can easily shoot upward and cause headaches.

Stop, in the name of… well… 

So before you reach for the Tylenol, make an appointment with us to see if it’s your bite that’s bothering you. Dr. Crutchfield and his team are specially trained to examine how teeth alignment can relate to headaches. (Ps. ask about our Trudenta offering!)

Using braces or aligners, we can fix crowded teeth and evenly distribute the pressure you feel with every bite. Your jaw will thank you, not only now, but for a lifetime. 

Let’s get it started… in here

As we know from everyone’s favorite song “Dem Bones,” our bodies are huge webs of interconnectedness. Because of this, it’s a great idea to make sure we take care of our teeth, beyond only brushing and flossing. 

You can slide into our DMs to schedule an appointment to assess your bite. At OBC, you can kick back and relax in our beach-themed office. Ready to get started?

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