Mouth Guards Save Teeth!

Mouth Guards Save Teeth!

Summer is winding down, and that last trip to the beach is behind you. It’s time to gather together your football equipment, hockey sticks, lacrosse gear and all that other stuff you’re going to need for the new school year. Be sure to check out your mouthguard. Clean it up, inspect it for damage, and get a new one if you need to. If it was not cleaned and packed away right, it might not be something you want to put in your mouth, but you can’t play without it.

Almost any sport or activity can be made safer when you use your mouthguard. While you’re playing sports at school or at home, remember to look out for your smile.

Biking, skateboarding, rollerblading—it only takes one fall to make you realize that roads, sidewalks, and concrete are not ideal landing pads. If you do take a spill, using a mouthguard, along with your helmet, will help protect your teeth and jaw.

If you wear braces, we can customize a mouthguard -in our office- that will be a perfect fit for your teeth and bite.

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