Why Invisalign Is the Clear Choice for Many Smiles

Why Invisalign Is the Clear Choice for Many Smiles

Invisalign has been available for adult tooth alignment for almost twenty years, and in that time, more than 2.4 million people around the world have experienced its ability to straighten smiles. An excellent choice for crowding, gapped teeth, spacing and bite issues, Invisalign uses a 3-D image of your teeth to map out your customized treatment.

The process works by creating a series of clear aligners, each progressively adjusting the position of your teeth until they reach their final (and optimal) destination. Many patients find they offer a great alternative to braces, especially since they are barely noticeable, can be removed when eating, and don’t get in the way of most activities. Treatment time will vary depending upon how far teeth need to move, the amount of correction needed, and how diligent you are about wearing the aligners.

“We can’t deny the popularity or the effectiveness of Invisalign and the products that are following in its footprints,” said Dr. Crutchfield. “For a number of adult patients, it’s an easy, manageable, and affordable way to straighten teeth and improve smiles.”

It’s not, however, for everyone. “In reality, there are limits to what both Invisalign–and patients–can do,” he continued. “For instance, Invisalign is not as effective in treatment large jaw discrepancies. And it puts the responsibility for the quality and timing of the result on the patient since they have to keep in the trays in for at least 22 hours a day. It can be a lot to do for people who keep busy schedules, do a lot of talking with their jobs, or who prefer treatment that is less hands-on.

Luckily, Dr. Crutchfield and his team offer several options to give you the great smile you’ve always wanted. “While we do use Invisalign, our other options, such as SureSmile, can often deliver a much more custom and authentic smile in less time,” he added.

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